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This gorgeous natural deer antler, paired with the natural beauty of gemstones makes such a great combination. The yellow jasper and the yellow citrine  crystals are so beautiful together. On a brown 22" (longer) felt cord. Antique patina added which compliments the natural markings on the deer antler.


Citrine- Attracts abundance on all levels. Assists in manifesting physical wealth and creativity. Excellent for confidence, inner security, and personal power. Only one of two minerals on earth that does not hold and accumulate energy, but dissipates and transmutes it. Stimulates mental clarity, and endurance. Aids in digestion, promotes circulation, and balances the thyroid.


Yellow Jasper- Excellent protection stone for those who are clumsy or accident prone. Detoxifies the physical and emotional body. Provides protection and courage during travel. Builds self-esteem and confidence. Encouraged self-study and self-development.




Citrine, Jasper, Deer Antler Necklace

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