I almost kept this one for myself. Hand hammered/ textured copper band, antique patina. Semi- adjustable. These colors go so well together! And that GLOWING moonstone, though!


Moonstone-  Radiates the white light of healing and the perfection of the rainbow spectrum. Brings the frequency of joy to one's energy field. Offers psychic enhancement and protection. Increases vitality, passion, and the spark for life. Creates full alignment in the chakra system. Heals the emotional body and helps one to overcome obstacles. Carries the "goddess" energy. 

Sapphire- A great stone for mental and psychic awareness. Enhances focus, discipline and mental agility. Enhances insight and perception. Stimulates psychic vision. Brings order and healing to the mind. Stimulates one’s dream state and can be effective for astral traveling and lucid dreaming. Aids in becoming more secure in one’s opinion if one is easily swayed. Encourages truthful expression in all relationships. 

Sapphire/ Moonstone Ring size 7