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This beautiful pendant features a rose quartz oval, electroformed to a heart shaped piece of opalite. An antique was added to the copper to give it an "aged" look. On a 24" long black felt cord.


Rose Quartz- Encourages self-love and total self- acceptance. Brings peacefulness and calm to relationships. Can help one to attract love and a soulmate connection. For spiritual alignment to the energy of love. Balances Yin-Yang energy while tuning each chakra to its proper vibrational frequency. Heals emotional wounds and negative childhood experiences. Stimulates the true life force: LOVE.


Opalite- The human-made glass resin is iridescent. It is normally made of two ingredients – dolomite and a metal. This kind of combo creates an opalescent design that can draw instant attention. Of course, you can also find natural opalite, which is usually found in opalized volcanic ash. Such stones are extremely rare, though, so most of the things you will find in commerce are man-made.

Rose Quartz/ Opalite Pendant

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