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This beautiful GLOWING moonstone and amethyst combo pair perfectly together. Size 8. Antique patina added to the metal.


Moonstone-  Radiates the white light of healing and the perfection of enthe rainbow spectrum. Brings the frequency of joy to one's energy field. Offers psychic enhancement and protection. Increases vitality, passion, and the spark for life. Creates full alignment in the chakra system. Heals the emotional body and helps one to overcome obstacles. Carries the "goddess" energy. 


Amethyst- known as the "stone of spirituality and contentment." Facilitates transmution of lower energies into the higher frequencies of the spiritual and ethereal levels. Clears the aura and stabilizes any dysfunctional energy in the body, bestowing stability, strength, and peace. An excellent stone to use during meditation.  

Moonstone/ Amethyst Ring

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