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I attached one piece of flat quartz to another flat piece of amethyst. Used copper to fuse together, and added a smokey quartz gem to the front. On a 20" copper chain. Very unique.


Amethyst- known as the "stone of spirituality and contentment." Facilitates transmution of lower energies into the higher frequencies of the spiritual and ethereal levels. Clears the aura and stabilizes any dysfunctional energy in the body, bestowing stability, strength, and peace. An excellent stone to use during meditation.

Smokey quartz- A major protection stone, helping one to feel safe and secure. Transforms negative emotions and patterns. Facilitates the desire to set aside the thinking mind and clear and clear mental channels. Balances Yin-Yang energies. Excellent grounding stone, creating acceptance of the body and Earth plane. Heals fear, depression, addictions, and obsessions.

Quartz- Produces a naturally balanced energy field. Harmonizes and aligns all human energies, thoughts, and emotions. Increases abundance and prosperity. Provides for enhanced energy, patience, and perseverance. Allows for a restful sleep. Promotes inner peace. Amplifies the energy of all other stones.

Amethyst/ Smokey and Clear quartz necklace

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