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I’m Brittany, your custom jewelry artist.  I am a self -taught electroformist, turning my hobby and curiosity with crystals into work that expresses my passion for creativity, crafts-womanship and meaning!  I hope that you including any of the pieces I create, brings you a way to also feel creative, feel energy and meaning while enjoying a piece of our beautiful world.  A piece that I hope you see as art worth adding to your life.

In case you were wondering, Electroforming, the process and art I use to make most of the pieces offered here, involves using electrochemistry to attract a metal (copper) to a variety of other objects.  By first molding and forming the parts that will become the jewelry piece, the piece is set within a chemical bath that then uses electricity and the desired metal to plate the jewelry piece, adding strength and beauty that is unique(and powerful/energetic)

I have a wonderful ring from a special trip to Martha’s Vineyard that had broke and could not find a jeweler able to fix it.  After failed attempts of repair with tying, clamping or super glue, I decided to research and learn how to fix it myself.  That search and story became Britt’s Electroform.  Well, not exactly.  While it was a personal jewelry solution and hobby, my career as a Doctor in Physical Therapy has been my main pursuit recently.  With many of the changes and challenges that have come onto us recently, for me necessity mixed with opportunity. 


During the beginning of this year while living with my Nonna, who lived along Revere Beach, MA., I would take long walks (not romantic ones lol) and began to find several beautiful, and some rare pieces of sea glass.  It became a quarantine treasure hunt entertaining and interesting.  It inspired me to put real time into creating this jewelry and business.  Experimenting over time with glass, gemstones, even bones and butterfly wings has turned into pieces that people started to, and will ask about. 


Throughout this past summer 2020 entirely, I have donated 100% from this business to contributions for an amazing non-profit, the DJ Dream Fund.  This fund is dedicated on behalf of a dear family friend who passed away due to police brutality.  In October 2010, DJ Henry, an astute student, was unarmed and was shot through the windshield of his car by police while parked outside of a Fire Emergency.  There has very sadly and regretfully been 10 years without any justice.  However, we are able to bring some light and action through this fund. It is truly amazing that this story is so unknown, and I implore you to learn about his story also.

With that, I hope you like the pieces I offer here and that you decide to enjoy one yourself.  This art has brought many great new things, in some ways even saving me.  That energy and appreciation goes into every piece here at Britt’s Electroform and I look forward to providing you with a valuable piece of beautifully different jewelry.


In Loving Memory of

Dj Henry 




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Gabriella "Etsy"

Loveeeee my ring! Will definitely shop here in the future 💞💞


Karen "Etsy"

"Awesome ring and fast shipping!"


Calee "Etsy"

Absolutely GORGEOUS! great quality, super fast delivery. cannot wait to
buy from her again!!



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